Cinema 'Stunt': Railway Porter Who Nearly Spoiled a Film
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A porter at Paddington Station had one of the surprises of his life recently. A taxi-cab drew up near him, and the passenger threw out a suitcase into the street and lurched from the cab. He was a young fellow and looked the worse for drink. Reeling up to the driver, he pushed a couple of Treasury notes into his hand and made for the booking office. The suitcase was left in the road, and a policeman ran forward and picked it up for the helpless passenger. The porter's mind worked with that of the policemen. He too made for the overlooked trunk, but whereas the man in blue was allowed to carry on with his self-appointed task all the porter got was a nasty jar as the drunken man reeled against him and bore him back to that wall. Then the police took off his moustache, put on a raincoat over his uniform, and got into a cab with the original passenger. The porter was left bewildered on the pavement, the unwilling victim of a cinema stunt. 'It nearly spoiled everything,' said Mr. Henry Edwards, now quite sober, to a newspaper representative who was in the secret. But I wish it always went as smoothly as that.' Mr. Edwards makes a speciality of London scenes in his Hepworth picture plays and he made a scene for a film called 'John Forrest Finds Himself.'