The Cinemas: Defects of American Films - Need of More British Productions
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The great trouble with the films today is that they are made mostly in Hollywood and mostly for Monkeyville,' said Mr. T. C. Elder, managing director of the Stoll Film Studios, Cricklewood, who presided at a luncheon given at the Connaught Rooms by representatives of the staff of the studio to the leading film 'stars.' Among those present were Marjorie Hume, Stella Arbenina, Marie Colette and Brian Aherne. It would not be long, said Mr. Elder, before British films developed into something truly British. Sir Herbert Blain said that although the film industry was today only in its infancy, the cinema was one of the most potent weapons of civilization. Dr. Joseph Bridges, Education Officer for Willesden, said his criticism of the cinema from the point of view of the student was its American setting. 'America is a place where you can shoot as many people as you like without getting into trouble.'