The Coronet Enterprise: A New Scheme
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Enterprise and success usually go hand in hand and there is every reason to anticipate that the Coronet's new enterprise of giving a 'continuous' performance will be crowned with success. Briefly, the scheme is this: Those who are in their seats at the matinee performance at 5.15 p.m. can see the complete show as those who come in after an hour. This is not as difficult as may at first sight appear. The modus operandi is as follows: From 5.15 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., the programme is shown – a combination of serial and a five-part photoplay. From 7.40 p.m. till 8.40, the bill is comprised of items which are repetitions of those shown between the opening piece and the item preceding the first interval. It is a novel scheme of giving the Coronet patrons full value for their money and is illustrative of the truism that the race is not to the swiftest. Yesterday, the 'continuous' programme was put on the board for the first time, and there was a good house. The bill was thoroughly enjoyed.

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