The Empire': New Cinematograph Theatre
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Messrs Ramos and Ramos, proprietors of the 'Victoria' Cinematograph in Des Voeux Road, conceived the idea some time ago of erecting a theatre worthy of the Colony, and they secured the site on which stood the old Hongkong Cinematograph, opposite the market. Portion of this site was formerly an unsightly heap of wood and debris, but now there stands upon it a graceful hall capable of seating over 800 people. The new 'Empire' theatre was designed by Messrs. Palmer and Turner. Commenced in December last it has been finished so as to enable the opening performance to be given tonight. The floor is of solid concrete, and the walls are of steel and brick, the roof being carried on lofty principals of steel. The seating accommodation is excellently arranged and consists of boxes of which there are six. The stage is a spacious one for the purpose and the drop curtain and scenery were painted in Manila. The whole place is fire proof and the machine is installed in a steel fire-proof compartment. Abundance of ventilation is ensured and the air will be kept moving by electric fans.

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71 Des Voeux Street, (junction of Des Voeux Road and Pottinger St.), Central
Hong Kong CinematographTheatre (View more)
(1st Generation) 83 Des Voeux Road Central, Central (opposite to Central Market, current Hang Seng Bank Head Office); (2nd Generation) Queen's Road East, Central
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83 Des Voeux Road Central, Central (opposite to Central Market, current Hang Seng Bank Head Office)
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80 Des Voeux Road Central, Central