Empire Theatre Demolished
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Almost before anyone realised what was happening, the well-known Empire Theatre, facing Des Voeux Road and the Praya opposite the Central Market, has disappeared. Also the small shops and the tea house adjoining formerly used as a skating rink and for various purposes at different times. The Theatre, erected considerably more than twenty years ago, has been demolished, allowing a clear view of the ugly form of Central Market from the sea. The cause for the removal of the theatre is enshrouded in a certain amount of mystery and entangled in a complicated disagreement between certain parties. We understand that the site is leased from the Government from year to year. One of the conditions of the lease is that the land be returned to the Government clear of building, etc., but the practice has been to allow the new lessee to take over the improvements by arrangement with his predecessor. This permission, we are informed, still holds, so that apparently the new lessee failed to reach an agreement with the departing lessee and the building has accordingly been removed.

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83 Des Voeux Road Central, Central (opposite to Central Market, current Hang Seng Bank Head Office)
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80 Des Voeux Road Central, Central