Film Censors: The Position in Hongkong
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The question of a Film Censor was brought to the forefront by the Hon. Mr. H. E. Pollock, K.C., in a recent address on the needs of the Colony. Mr. Pollock stated that the need for a Film Censor was urgent. But in point of fact, we have had a Film Censor in Hong Kong for many years past. At present, the following gentlemen acting as censors of films – Messrs. P. P. J. Wodehouse, R.E. Lindsell and B. Tanner. The Hon. Mr. E. D. C. Wolfe used to censor our films, but Mr. R. E. Lindsell has now been appointed in his place. Mr. Tanner succeeds Mr. T. H. King, who is going home on leave. Although most of the films projected on the screen here are American or British productions and have been duly passed by the censors in America at home, they have to be recensored, as pictures that are suitable for America and elsewhere may not be wholesome for the cinema patrons here. It is very seldom that a complete film is rejected in most cases merely parts are cut out.