Film Stars Fade, New Ones Shine: But New Ones Shine
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(By Lincoln Quarberg for the S. C. M. Post) Hollywood, May 29 – The invasion of Hollywood by film-struck newcomers is increasing. Warnings are broadcast daily by well-intentioned publicists of the dangers of girls seeking fame in Hollywood. The 'Cinderella' rise of Betty Bronson from a mere nobody in filmdom to the immortal impersonator of Peter Pan, and her co-star, Mary Brian, both assigned to leading parts in other pictures is no exception to the new trend. Sally O'Neill, an unknown schoolgirl, has been given the leading role in Marshall Neilan's new production, 'Mike.' Greta Nissen has been picked by Famous Players-Lasky to play in 'In the Name of Love.' Lucille LeSueur has been signed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Mary Akin, Esther Ralston, Constance Bennett, Jane Winton, Georgia Hale, Dorothy Sebastian, Jane Mercer and Carole Lombard are others who were lifted to featured fame. Mary Pickford and a few others still survive the test of years with fame untarnished.