Films the Children Like: Statistics of 'Regular' Cinema-Goers
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Among the witnesses before the Cinema Commission in London recently was Dr. Moore Ede, Dean of Worcester who described the results of visits to four picture theatres in Worcester and of inquiries made in elementary schools as to the effects of pictures shows. He had not found any indecency but a good deal of sensational melodrama and scenes of brutality which young children might be tempted to imitate. He had found that children from the poorest districts were the most constant cinema-goers. Different answers were given as to the comparative popularity of various kinds of films. Some teachers had spoken favourably of the effect of the better class of film on children's powers of observation and desire to gain general knowledge. The Dean expressed himself in favour of the formation of a strong vigilance committee, but said he had found no case where adults were present with children for purpose of immorality. Sir. R. Wallace, K.O., chairman of London Session believed that cinemas were bad for all young people, no child under 12 should be admitted to a picture show without a parent.