Mary Pickford's Salary
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Miss Mary Pickford, one of the stars of motion pictures, signed a contract which producers of photoplay said would yield her a yearly income exceeding the $1,000,000 credited to Charlie Chaplin. She signed with the First National Exhibitors' Circuit of West Forty-eight street, with the understanding that she is to be her own manager and producer, choosing her plays and sharing and discharging the costs. The Circuit Corporation is controlled by thirty of the leading theatre owners of the United States. It was estimated by men of the corporation that it will cost $1,500,000 for one year's productions of Miss Pickford's plays. She has leased studios in Southern California where most of the pictures will be made, and it is hinted that her first play will be one now in Broadway, for which she has obtained the moving picture rights. The contract was signed by Miss Pickford and J. D. Williams, general manager of the National Exhibitors, in the Knickerbocker Hotel.