Mei Lan-fang: Famous Actor Entertained
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A very enjoyable time was spent at Repulse Bay Hotel on Saturday, when Mr. Mei Lan-fang was the guest at tiffin of the British American Tobacco Company. Messrs. F. A. Perry, K. H. Amuller, S. M. Mayes and H. C. Rowson represented the B. A. T. Company, and those invited to meet Mr. Mei Lang-Fong included Hon. Mr. A. G. M. Fletcher, Hon. Mr. E. R. Halifax, Hon. Mr. E. D. C. Wolfe, Hon. Mr. Chow Shou-son, Hon. Mr. Ng Hon-tsz, General Tang Yu Kwang, Major Chevenix Trench, Major R. B. Young, Dr. Forsyth, Capt. A. D. McClay, Lt. R. R. Beauchamp, Messrs. S. B. C. Ross, G. M. Young, Chan Harr [sic], Ho Kwong, J. H. Scott, R. F. Forbes, Wong Po-nam, Wong Hiu-sun and Chan Shiu-yu.