The Royal Visitors: At the Ko Shing Theatre
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The Royal party had a very busy day with the return of Duke and Duchess, who had to carry out everyone waited at the Ko Shing Theatre for the tea party arranged by the Chinese community in Ko Shing Theatre. The theatre was beautifully decorated with ferns and flowers. The stage looked like a piece of fairyland and the gorgeous costumes worn by the Chinese actors went far to confirm the impression during the theatre show. Outside, Queen's Road from the Clock Tower to the Ko Shing Theatre was lined by thousands of Chinese who waited to see the Royal Party pass. Those who were responsible for the entertainment and who were introduced to the Royal visitors were Messrs Ho Fook, Fung Wa Chun, Hon Mr Wei Yuk, Ho Kom Tong, Chao Leep Chee, Pun Yan Chun, U Hoi Chau, Lau Chu Pak, Sh Po Shan and others.

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117 Queen's Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan