The Tsung Hing Theatre: Injunction Dissolved
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An interesting case which concerned the fate of the Tsung Hing theatre came before the Puisne Judge in Summary Court, when a motion to set aside an injunction granted on an exparte application was asked for. The plaintiff in the original case was Ho Chiu Lam, alias Ho Yiu Tong, and the defendant was Ho San Lau, alias Ho Ngok Lau. The plaintiff in that action said he was a partner in the Po Cheung firm of Canton, and the Wa Kee firm of Hongkong and his claim for: (1) dissolution of partnership entered into by agreement dated April 13, 1894; (2) appointment of receiver; (3) the taking of the partnership accounts; (4) an injunction restraining the defendant from converting the Tsung Hing theatre into dwelling house, or in any way interfering with the structure thereof, and also to restrain him from interfering with the partnership assets. In the result, the injunction was dissolved and the costs of the cause allowed the defendant.

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