The University Bazaar: A Word Regarding Features of the Entertainments
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The work of preparing the University and grounds for the forthcoming opening ceremony and six days' bazaar is proceeding with all possible haste. One of the interesting features of the entertainments is the scenic railway, the first of its kind seen in Hongkong. The idea is certainly novel. In the strictest confidence, Mr. C. Montague Ede was told that the railway was the cheapest, the most efficient and speediest in the world. The car will seat fifty persons, and the 'travellers' will be taken round the island of Ceylon, up the Alps, from Brooklyn to New York, Hongkong to Saukiwan and up the Peak all in the space of an hour. By an ingenious arrangement, the trippers will be able to experience the peculiar rolling of a carriage when going round a dangerous curve, and also that shattering of the nerves which always accompanies what might easily have been a collision, averted only by the most expert driving.

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