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When Messrs Ramos and Ramos contemplated building the popular picture palace, the Victoria Theatre, it was thought that the building to be erected would have ample accommodation for some years to come. Certainly on benefit nights, matinees and at many other times the accommodation is wholly inadequate and not infrequently it has happened that from one to two hundred persons have reluctantly had to be refused admission. The cinematograph is more and more being utilised as a means of instruction amongst old and young alike and its uses in this direction are daily growing. In this connection students of modern history and all those preparing for the matriculation examination of the Hongkong University will be particularly interested in the sumptuously produced film, which is to be exhibited on Thursday night, showing a court episode in the reign of Henry VIII. It is a most magnificent film and impresses one far more than the mere reading of books. The acting is beautifully represented and altogether it is a picture that should not be missed.

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71 Des Voeux Street, (junction of Des Voeux Road and Pottinger St.), Central