What Hongkong Likes: The Cinema Theatre Entertainments – Interesting Chat with Mr. 'Bob' Stephenson
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It is easy to understand why Mr. R. H. Stephenson, or 'Bob' Stephenson as his intimates call him, the popular lessee and manager of the Bijou Scenic Theatre, is looking forward with such pleasurable anticipation to his forthcoming trip to Australia. The Bijou closes down after this week until late September. Mr. Stephenson found that people do not want entertainments here in the summer months. It is altogether too hot for them to be within closed walls. It is a bad time for ‘showing.' The opportunity will be taken to have the place re-painted, a different colour being introduced, the stage will be widened and Mr. Stephenson also going to bring up a lot of new scenery. On September 28th, he shall open with new artistes and new pictures, and altogether a better show than ever. Mr. Stephenson himself had a most successful career in the 'profession,' for a number of years being one of the mainstays of the Bandmann Company. He also mentioned that Hongkong people like a good subject for the pictures, a good historical or really sensational films, for instance. Good comics also never fail to be well received, and the inimitable Max Linder pictures inevitably please immensely. He always has three or four comics in the course of a programme, and never less than seven pictures altogether. Scenic and instructive films are appreciated and perhaps in point of popularity the Pathe Freres' Gazette and the Gaumont Graphic really hold first place.

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