A History Of Film Exhibition And Reception In Colonial Hong Kong: 1897 To 1925
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Headline: The Star
Newspaper Source: Hong Kong Telegraph
Publication Date: 1925-04-01 - 1925-04-02

Today and tomorrow at 5.30 and 9.15 p.m., for two days only, 'Oh, Doctor' with Reginald Denny whose work you enjoyed in 'The Leather Pushers,' 'Sporting Youth' and 'The Reckless Age.' Also 'Casey Jones, Jr,' a really funny mermaid comedy with…

Newspaper Source: South China Morning Post
Publication Date: 1925-07-23

Back to normal' is the slogan these days of the Coronet and Star. That this is, if anything, an understatement will be readily admitted by all who visit these two cinemas in the next few days. 'Hollywood,' the big picture at the Coronet is a film that has drawn audiences wherever…