A History Of Film Exhibition And Reception In Colonial Hong Kong: 1897 To 1925
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Newspaper Source: South China Morning Post
Publication Date: 1913-09-19 - 1913-09-22

Films screening of 'Charlie Colms and the Dancer's Necklace' (in 2 parts), 'The Smuggler's Wife', 'Gaumont Graphic', 'Cowboy's day out', 'An Excellent Testimonial' and 'The Masked Door'; Coming: 'Lost in the Sea…

Newspaper Source: Hong Kong Telegraph
Publication Date: 1913-09-19 - 1913-09-20

Tonight 9.15, 'Charlie Colms and the Dancer's Necklace' in 2 parts, a magnificent detective subject, abounding in sensationalism; 'The Smuggler's Wife,' a fine dramatic picture carefully staged and most cleverly enacted; 'Gaumont Graphic,' showing all the…