Battle of the Ancre: A Film Showing Advance of the Tanks
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The film displaying 'The Battle of the Ancre' will be screened at the Victoria Theatre for three performances, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The booking plan is now open at Messrs. Moutrie and Co. It may be of interest to state that the scenes depicted were taken on an actual battlefield. The victorious battle shown in the film formed the autumn, continuation of 'The Great Push.' The magnitude of the preliminary operations, both as to gunnery and provision of material, the boldness of the forward dash and the manner in which the 'Tanks' arrived to upset the German calculations, are all shown in these wonderful pictures. A moment of supreme interest is enjoyed as a 'Tank' is watched going forward over the jugged ground that leads to the 'No Man's Land' and victory. 'The Battle of the Ancre and the Advance of the Tanks' is preceded by two reels depicting the latest views' of the British Naval Air Service and the Submarine Service. The Governor has notified his intention of being present at the performance on Monday.

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