Big City Improvement Scheme for Hongkong: Suggestion Which Provide War Memorial and Public Utilities and Pays for Itself
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A scheme was submitted by Mr. J. Caer Clark, architect and surveyor, to the War Memorial Committee, which pays for itself by the provision of new building areas where they are most needed in the business section of the City. The scheme provides an additional and easy means of communication between the City and the Peninsula, new public piers, new and central Government offices, new City Hall and Theatres, new Museum and Library, Memorial Statues and Pillars, etc. It suggests a reclamation 300 feet wide from the existing Praya and extending from the West side of the Naval yard to Douglas pier. This reclamation provides new building areas suitable for several buildings, including a block for Theatre (120 ft. x 100 ft.) and Assembly Halls (75 ft. x 40 ft. and 80 ft. x 75 ft.). It also suggests the demolition of the present City Hall and the erection of a one storey building for museum and library. The estimated budget for the new City Hall and Theatres are $600,000. Floor plan included.

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1-2A Des Voeux Road Central, Central