Chinese Movies: Expert Cameraman Arrives Here
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Mr. K. Lips, an expert cameraman, arrived Hongkong recently to take up an engagement with China Sun Motion Picture Company. Among the first pictures he took were the scenes of damage caused by a recent typhoon. The pictures were made ready for the screen in record time. The scenic feature also includes scenes from Geneva, Marseilles. Stromboli, Messina, Port Said, Suez Canal, Aden, Colombo and Singapore, which Mr. Lips shot en route to Hongkong. Mr. Lips mentioned that Sun Motion picture Company is going to move to Peking and is planning to engage the famous Chinese artist Mei Lan-fong, who performed at the Taiping Theatre last year, in the Company's first Chinese drama. Mr. Lips was not very optimistic about the new school for film acting which is to be established as a corollary to the new studio of the Sun Motion Picture Company.