Criminology Through Cinema
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To what extent is the cinema show responsible for the increase of criminology in this Colony? The answer to this question cannot be secured because no means has been employed by the Police to ascertain it. The last of collecting this information would be prodigious, but we would suggest a simple method to the Police, which is both feasible and could be of great assistance to the public in arriving at a definite conclusion. Facts are indispensable in the reform movement, and without them, arguments lose their force. Therefore, we are chary of fastening the blame on cinema pictures for the new methods of thieving adopted by Chinese des peradoes. We were wondering whether it would not be possible for the Police to question every thief and desperado who employs a novel method to rob his neighbour of something which is his as to whether they have been frequenting the pictures and what pieces they most relish. Then the cat would be out of the bag. A diary could be kept and the Captain Superintendent of Police could embody this in his report to the Government. To our mind, a good deal of the modern Chinese thief's education is received at the Chinese cinema shows.