Hongkong on the Films: Pictures for the Exhibition - To be Shown Here Shortly
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Hongkong residents will shortly have the opportunity of seeing a film depicting the scenery and everyday scenes in the Colony. The pictures, taken specially for British Empire Exhibition in London, are being shown at the Helena May Institute on dates announced in our advertisement columns. His Excellency the Governor has promised to attend. The original main title 'The Port of Hongkong' has been preserved as being a more general title when the film is exhibited outside the British Empire. The second main title is 'A British Colony since 1841 and the base of Britain's great trade with China.' The first subtitle: 'Hongkong Island, which gives its name to the Empire's most Eastern Colony,' introduces a panorama of Hongkong Island from Morrison Hill to the University ending upon steamers in the Harbour. The next title, 'Victoria Peak' precedes a picture of Hongkong's most characteristic aspect. Other titles include 'A considerable tract of South China mainland – Kowloon – also forms part of the Colony,' 'The Island and the mainland enclose one of the finest natural harbours in the world' and 'The City of Victoria.' The film also shows scenes of Star Ferry, Statue Square, the Queen Victoria Statues, the Cenotaph, the Supreme Court, the Hongkong Club, the Hongkong Shanghai Bank, the City Hall, the Post Office, the Fire Brigade Station, St. John's Cathedral and the French Mission, the Roman Catholic Cathedral and Government House. Other titles of the film show 'South China exports her products through the Colony,' 'The weather signal station,' and the development of Kowloon. An interesting and typical Chinese scene is a ceremony at the Tung Wah Hospital and street scenes taken during the Chinese New Year celebrations. The film concludes with a picture of Hongkong University and scenes at tea during a recent graduation day assembly. The procession of the Senate follows and the film concludes with a picture of H. E. the Governor.

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