Licensing Session: Kinema Theatre's Application - Liquor Licence Refused
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Local kinema concerns seeking theatre liquor licences for their premises need expect little sympathy from the Licensing Board was clear from the proceedings of the annual session this afternoon when an application by Mr. John Johnson Blake in respect of the World Theatre was refused. Court recorded were included. The application's lawyer mentioned that the World Theatre was a modern kinema house built at great expense – about $30,000 – and the company paid the Government a very heavy ground rent – $3,500 month. The Chairman mentioned that the police objection is based on three grounds. First, it would create a precedent for the managers of all such establishments. Next, it is no great hardship to anybody to forego alcoholic refreshment during the brief duration of the performance. Last, extra police supervision would be required. The only police supervision for kinema houses at present comes from police inspectors and sergeants who make visits while on patrol. A bar would require the attendance of a uniformed police officer.

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