Oriental Film Syndicates: Particulars of a Notable Enterprise - Former B.-A.T. Man a Director
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It is learnt that two thousand motion picture theatres located throughout China within the next three years is part of the programme of the Peacock Film Corporation, the syndicate formed by Mr. J. A. Thomas and his associates. This undertaking has at its back the du Pont, Brady and Duke interests in America, but there is also a strong Chinese group. The subsidiary companies have been formed, e.g. the film branch and the Universal Textile Corporation. Mr. Frank Chamberlain, formerly associated with the Famous Players' Corporation, will be responsible for the distribution in this country of films for the syndicate. The American directors of the corporation are Mr. J. A. Thomas, Mr. F. P. Garvin (former U.S. Alien Property Custodian), Mr. Charles A. Meade (vice-president of the du Pont Corporation), Mr. M. A. Pucher (a du Pont director), Mr. P. E. Mann (of the Eagle Sill Company of New York), Mr. A. J. Drexdel Biddle, Jr. (who married Miss Mary L. Duke), and Mr. R. C. Patterson. The names of Messrs. C. C. Nieh, Li Yuan-hung, C. T. Wang, Chang Chifen, Chow Tsz-chi and others are mentioned as being connected with the Chinese section of the syndicate's management.