The War and the Picture Play
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France had almost a monopoly in the film business through houses like Pathe and Gaumont; and, up till quite recently, the Italians, Belgians and French were the nations from which the most successful and popular film actors and actresses were taken. But now things must be altered. America was not long out of the arena, even though its films have not been popular among British and Continentals. The Scandinavian companies took a hand in the game; but none of these could hope for much patronage whenever Messrs. Pathe set up Max Linder, Wiffles or Nick Winter picture. But now things must be altered. The French and Belgian actors are at the Front, and England, Germany and even Italy have something else to think about besides the making of cinematography plays; which means that America, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are going to have the interest in their own hands for a while.