A History Of Film Exhibition And Reception In Colonial Hong Kong: 1897 To 1925
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Newspaper Source: Hong Kong Telegraph
Publication Date: 1916-01-24 - 1916-01-26

On Jan 25, the powerful dramas 'A Life Redeemed' in 2 parts; 'Mid Racing Beasts' with comic and interesting pictures; on Jan 26, a night with the HK police reserve, performance by the Big Brass Band and Skirl 'O'; see 'Wiffles the Victim of Jealousy' and…

Newspaper Source: South China Morning Post
Publication Date: 1916-01-25 - 1916-01-25

Films screenings including 'A Life Redeemed' (2 parts) and 'Mid Raging Beasts'; Coming Night wi' the HK Police Reserves, including big brass band, also the comic and songs and see 'Wiffles the Victim of Jealousy' and 'Youth Must Have Its Day'

Newspaper Source: The China Mail
Publication Date: 1916-01-24 - 1916-01-25

The powerful dramas in 2 parts, 'A Life Redeemed' and 'Mid Raging Beasts,' both on Tuesday, 25th January, 1916. Comics and interesting pictures included. A night with H.K. Police Reserves with various performances. Pictures including 'Wiffles, the Victim of Jealousy…