A History Of Film Exhibition And Reception In Colonial Hong Kong: 1897 To 1925
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Newspaper Source: The China Mail
Publication Date: 1900-04-28 - 1900-04-28

Change of programme. The Transvaal War and a series of other pictures all new to Hongkong in the London Bioscope, including 'The Late Derby.' 'Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race,' 'Final for the English Football Cup' and 'The White Mahatma.' Positively the…

Newspaper Source: South China Morning Post
Publication Date: 1922-06-16

The famous Griffith picture 'Way Down East' was surrendered this month to Mr. George Mooser, representative of the United Artists Corporation. It marked the first victory of the United Artists Corporation in the fight being waged against motion picture film piracy. For background…

Newspaper Source: South China Morning Post
Publication Date: 1922-11-02

Charlie Chaplin, in the flesh, will be in Hongkong next March, accompanied by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Efforts will also be made to induce D. W. Griffith to join the party. This news was given yesterday by Mr. George Mooser, a well-known play producer and film manager. He is the…

Newspaper Source: Hong Kong Telegraph
Publication Date: 1900-04-27 - 1900-04-28

Ada Delroy Company's fourth tour round the world. Tonight and Tomorrow night. Change of programme, including The English Derby, Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, Final for the English Football Cup and The Transvaal War. Also a psychological bewilderment of 'The White Mahatma.'…