A History Of Film Exhibition And Reception In Colonial Hong Kong: 1897 To 1925
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Headline: Bijou Theatre
Newspaper Source: South China Morning Post
Publication Date: 1917-10-10 - 1917-10-12

Screening of 'The Boer War' and Keystone Comedies: 'Rebecca's Wedding Day' and 'Love in Armor'; Coming film: 'Gloria's Romance'

Newspaper Source: The China Mail
Publication Date: 1919-06-02 - 1919-06-04

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.15 p.m., 3 nights only, Frank Keenan as 'Mathias' in Sir Henry Irving's dramatic masterpiece, 'The Bells,' an extra selected star photoplay. Pathe's American Gazatte, No. 87. Thursday matinee, June 5th at 5.15 p.m., 'The Great…