Education By Film: Government Must Organize - Interesting Views of Mr. Ray - 'Sauage-Skin Theory' Out of Date
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A China Mail representative obtained an interview with Mr. H. W. Ray, managing director of Hongkong Amusement Ltd. In the US, a number of public spirited people have spent large sums in the preparation of educational films, esp. Mr. Henry Ford. The Educational Films Corporation of New York has established a regular circuit catering for education. Locally, St. Stephen's Girls' College asking when Mr. Ray could arrange to give an exhibition of the pictures shown in Kowloon. Mr. Ray acknowledged that 'to the present it has been exceedingly difficult to do much towards education by film outside of the cinema because of the danger of fire from the lamp. Now, however, a very high candle-power lamp has been perfected, which gives an exceedingly good-light up to 60 feet. This is known as the Holmes Projector and those who saw it in Kowloon can vouch for the fact that it produces a perfectly steady picture. The position of the Hongkong Amusements' Ltd in the matter of educational films is that there is no desire to make any profit in any shape over such pictures. Lastly, Mr. Ray said topical films only remain long enough in Hongkong, to be shown at one picture hall, on their first arrival, as they are needed in Shanghai, Tientsin, Peking and Hankow. When they are returned here and shown on the other screens, they are out of date. In view of their great educational value, the Hongkong Government should purchase these films outright. The Topical Budget is run in conjunction which the British Government and that is the film needed here. Excellent as the Pathe Gazette pictures undoubtedly are, the Gazette, after all, has no particular British bias. Mr. Ray emphasized the necessity of the Colonial Government conducting education by film.