Cinema Enterprise: Hongkong Proprietor's Ambitious Schemes - New Theatres for Kowloon and Canton
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Mr. H. W. Ray, the enterprising proprietor of the popular Coronet Theatre, has ambitious schemes on hand for establishing new picture palaces in Canton and Kowloon. Building operations have already been commenced at Canton on one of the finest sites in the City, and it is hoped to make a start at Kowloon early in the new year. There is a detailed description of the cinema to be built in Canton. As for the Kowloon Cinema, it is proposed to erect upon a portion of the site at present occupied by the Club de Recreio in Nathan road. It will be a single storey building, capable of accommodating 350 persons. Kowloon being a very democratic place, all the seats will be the same price, and as the expenses involved will be considerably less than those at Hongkong, the charge for admission will be correspondingly lower. It is proposed to hold two performances nightly, one at 6 for children and one at 9.15 for adults. The pictures will be projected by means of a 1,800 c.p. Mazda lamp which throw an absolutely steady picture on the screen and is a great improvement upon the arc lights which have to be adopted in longer buildings. Coloured lighting effects and similar lighting arrangements to those in force at the Coronet, will be introduced. The dimensions of the building will be 90 feet long by 36 feet wide by 30 feet high, and the theatre will be separated from Nathan road by an open space of about 15 feet. Mr. Ray has arranged for a special exhibition of first-class pictures for the opening nights. The Coronet Theatre has recently been renovated and brought up-to-date, especially in regard to the lighting arrangements, and patrons of this popular place of entertainment have been delighted with the improvements which have recently been made.

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